SPRING 2009 Newsletter


It's ready! L144 My Christmas Quilt will be ready to ship the week of June 1. The retail price of this 8 page book is $10.00.

Stitched in deep Christmas reds and greens and with cream Satin stitches and Hardanger, this richly textured needlework will enhance your Christmas decor! This versatile Christmas Quilt design may be stitched in its entirety. The individual squares of the design may be re-grouped. Stitch 3 or more in a vertical configuration for a bell pull. Stitch 4 for a square. Stitch two side by side for a horizontal group. And, individual squares may be stitched as ornaments.

The entire piece and the ornament were stitched on 32 count cream Belfast linen. The Bell Pull was stitched on 28 count white Cashel linen.

So that you may buy sufficient fabric for these projects, the dimensions are as follows:

SAMPLER (front cover) 154 W X 214 L
28 count - 11.4 X 15.7 Cut fabric 17 X 22 inches.
32 count - 10 X 13.8 Cut fabric 16.20 inches.

BELL PULL (back cover - as shown) 54 X 174
28 count - 3.9 X 12.5 Cut fabric 10 X 19 inches.
32 count - 3.4 X 10.9. Cut fabric 9 X 17 inches.

ORNAMENT (back cover) 54 X 54
28 count - 3.9 X 3.9 Cut fabric 10 X 10 inches.
32 count - 3.4 X 3.4 Cut fabric 9 X 9 inches.

Place your order today and be ready for your Christmas stitching!

Best wishes,